What are private hire services and how can I use?

Private hire services encompass a number of passenger services that use cars and other vehicles with 9 or fewer seats (8 pax + driver) including long distance transfer services, limousine services and chauffeur services that charge to carry passengers. These services must be pre-booked and drivers must charge a set fare or hourly rate agreed at the time of booking. The driver of a private hire vehicle may not use a taxi meter to determine a fare.


How can I book the private transportation?

First you can send only a request online through our website and our team will get in touch with you. It is really important that you provide all necessary details of your travel, so we can double check and send you a tailor made offer. After you agree with all and you send a written confirmation, we are definitely make a fix reservation for you. Please note that to send an enquiry means only that we registered you in our system, reconfirmation is obligatory. After that we send you the e-Voucher which includes the booking details, chauffeur contact details and your reservation number.


How can I pay for my transfer?

The price of the transfer must be paid in cash directly to the driver (our professional contracted partners have the possibility of payment by bank transfer). You may pay in EUR, USD or HUF (Hungarian Forint) as well. If you pay in other than Euro, the price may vary slightly, based on the actual exchange rate. The driver gives you the invoice of the service.


How early do I need to book my transfer and how can I cancel my reservation?

All cancellation needs to be forwarded in written to us. We do not charge any penalty fee, however we kindly ask you to book only in case your travel in 100% sure, but we recommend that you book as early as you can. We trust you and we take the risk to refuse other bookings, knowing that we can lose business, therefore please take this into consideration. Please be aware that we can confirm only upon availability.


Are your prices quoted per person or per vehicle?

Prices are quoted per vehicle. All costs and taxes are included in the prices: VAT, transportation by air-conditioned and non-smoking vehicle, parking fees, fee of motorway usage, driver’s accommodation in case of staying abroad, costs of fuel, English speaking driver, infant/child seats, liability insurance.


How can I find my chauffeur?

Our drivers always wait for the passengers in the terminal’s meeting point with a A4 format plate with the passenger’s name on it. In case your pick up place is from a hotel, please wait for at reception (lobby) - in case from an exact address, please wait in front of the main entrance. Our chauffeur is showing you the invoice with your name on it to recognise the company.


Can I receive the driver's phone number?

Since the drivers schedule is elastic, it can change also in the last day. We give you all contact details like emergency number and drivers phone number in your Transportation Confirmation Voucher.


Do drivers speak foreign-languages?

Most of them speak English very well, and all of them are able to communicate on different languages (Spanish, German etc.)


Do I have to tip the driver?

Tipping is regarded as a sign of good service here, if you decide not to tip then no-one will think any less of you. All our drivers expect from you is the fare you were quoted and if you decide to tip then I am sure that they will appreciate it.


Do you provide shared shuttle bus?

We don't operate shared transport, furthermore we are not recommending to use this type of service for long-distance travel, because there is no legal company in Central-Eastern Europe for that. Official shared shuttle can be offered only at airports on each city.


This transportation cheaper than a taxi?

We are official (assurance of safety, licensed) private transportation company, not taxi so our prices are fixed and we have no hidden costs. Yes, cheaper than a standard (honest) taxi - They are no longer able to charge flat rates and always must work off the meter with a standard fare of 450 Forints to start and 280 Forints per additional km of driving, 70 Forints per waiting time minute.


Are your transfers cheaper compared to travel by train, bus or plane?

Travelling long distances in Central-Eastern Europe with private transportation service is much better than train, bus or plane. The most significant benefit is the travel time, which is much shorter compared to the regular bus or train connection. Plus, with bus or train you need time and another form of transport to get to and from your address or hotel to your final destination, so if you travel by train or bus you will also have to add costs for getting to and from the train or station from your hotel. With our door-to-door transport, there are no other stops on the way unless you ask us to do so (for toilet, lunch, sightseeing, etc). For example, if four person is travelling then the total price is around the same as travelling by bus or train. Generally for larger groups it might be cheaper travelling by private transfer. Last but not least, sometimes there is no direct connection by travelling train or bus and you are forced to wait long hours by changing the vehicles.


Are the taxis safe at Budapest?

In the newspaper or tour guides there are many articles warning you that in Budapest and Hungary there are dishonest taxi drivers who overcharge travelers. However, no matter how many articles there are, it still happens that some of the travelers are overcharged. It is really up to you if you want to risk it or not. Be careful and suspicious if the price of private transport, taxi or chauffeur service seems too low to be true.


How much luggage can I take with me?

Each passenger has an allowance of 1 big suitcase and 1 hand luggage without any weight limit. We don't charge Extra large luggage if notified to us in advance when making your reservation.


Do I have a guide when I require an excursion during my way?

Basicly the prices does not include a guide, however we can provide it. In that case additional fee apply. The chauffeur is staying in the car during your excursion and wait for you at each stop you may wish to make.


In case of an excursions how long is the travel time and how long is the real excursion?

The given duration for the excursion means the real timing for excursion (sightseeing, lunch.. etc) starting from the stopping time.


I am travelling with a baby, do you have a seat for it?

This is not a problem, we can provide a baby seat or booster seat free of charge. Please provide information on the number of children and their ages at the time of booking.


I am disabled. Can I travel with a wheelchair?

A wheelchair can be transported free of charge if notified to us in advance when making your reservation.


Is it allowed to smoke, eat, and drink in the vehicle?

It is forbidden to smoke and eat in the vehicle. Only mineral water can be consumed. In case you would like to smoke or eat, please signal to the driver and during a short stoppage it is possible to do this outside the vehicle.


What is the last time of arriving to the airport?

In the international terms of airport check-in the gate closes 40 minutes before the flight offset. Therefore the arrival time to the airport has to be 2 hours before flight offset. Only with these conditions can we ensure the arrival on time.


What will happen if I miss the flight?

If the data of reservation is proper and there is a company caused delayed then the company takes the responsibility of compensation. If it is not a company affected delay such as: natural catastrophe, unemerged traffic barriers.


What if my flight is delayed?

Worrying is unnecessary. We do not leave any passengers at the airport. If the delay of the flight is less than 60 minutes then the vehicle will wait for you. Waiting over 60 minutes will infer an additional 5 Euro for every hour.


What should I do if it turns out - while I am on abroad - that the arrival of my flight is changed?

Please inform our call center via a call, sms, e-mail as soon as possible (emergency number is given in Transportation Confirmation Voucher).

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